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Certificate in Teaching Practice

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Certificate in Teaching Practice

If you decide you would like to gain a Certificate in Teaching Practice to complement your qualification, you need to register with us at the time you enroll for the Diploma or Certificate course or after completion.

How does it work?

Once you have started in a teaching post, you simply send us or e-mail the address of the school and the name of your Director of Studies or Line Manager.

We will then immediately contact that person and provide the appropriate documentation for them to complete.

They will certify that you have taught at the school and that at least six hours have been fully observed and deemed to have been of satisfactory standard or better.

We provide your Director of Studies or Line Manager with a check list of points and features that they must look for within your classroom performance.

You must also send us five sample lesson plans that you have actually taught from with a self evaluation of each of these lessons. Again we will provide you with the necessary pro-formas.

We strongly suggest that you allow yourself around two months to complete the whole process.

Once this has been accomplished, we will issue under our seal a Certificate of Teaching Practice.

Course Details

Entry Requirements TEFL +

Course Length min. 6 hrs


90 € paid in full on registration